Welcome to Empire United Fencing
160 19th St, Union City, NJ in Hudson County

Empire United Fencing strives to help its students achieve personal excellence through the sport of fencing. In order to meet the  rigors of training and competition, EUF's approach emphasizes strengthening the body and mind. Located in Union City, New     Jersey, our club is the proud home of National Champions, Ivy League Champions and National Team members. 

Recent Results

Milwaukee NAC: 

The Milwaukee NAC was a huge success for the club and many of our fencers had breakthrough results. Earnest Chen made his first Junior Men's Foil top 8 and went on to win the competition. In the same event, Sebastian Tirado made his first Junior top 8, and Cameron Allen and Ian Neilson's top 16 finishes gave EUF four of the top 16 places. 13 year old Lauren Scruggs also won her first Junior Women's Foil event and her third Cadet women's foil gold. Joon Paik was our top Cadet men's foil finish with his 5th place medal. Andrew Ding won his first Y14 national medal with his top 8 finish. 

Junior Men's Foil: Earnest Chen - 1st
Junior Men's Foil: Sebastian Tirado - 8th
Junior Women's Foil: Lauren Scruggs - 1st
Cadet Men's Foil: Joon Paik - 5th
Cadet Women's Foil: Lauren Scruggs - 1st  
Y14 Men's Foil: Andrew Ding - top 8 

New Ratings: 

We would like to congratulate Camille Pham, Konner Paik, and Brian Park, who all earned their A ratings with great performances in competition throughout October. 

Detroit NAC:

Our fencers started off the season well with medals in both the Division 1 and Cadet women's foil events and Cadet men's foil. In addition to our medalists, we had a number of top 16 and top 32 finishes as well. 

Division 1 Women's Foil: Kelleigh Ryan - 3rd
Division 2 Women's Foil: Lauren Kim - 2nd
Cadet Women's Foil: Lauren Scruggs - 1st
Cadet Men's Foil: Joon Paik - 2nd 

Summer Nationals
Congratulations to all our fencers who qualified for Summer Nationals. We had a great event, coming home with the most medals of any club in the country! Here's a summary of our 13 medals:

Adam Mathieu - Div 1 MF: Silver
Kelleigh Ryan - Div 1 WF: Gold
Nolen Scruggs - Jr MF: top 8 
Grace Ding- Jr Wf: Silver
Nicole Vaiani - Jr Wf: top 8
Andrew Zheng - Cadet MF : Bronze
Sebastian Tirado - Cadet MF: top 8
Lauren Scruggs - Cadet WF: Silver
Christopher Kiel: Div 2 MF: top 8
Haylen Rosberger: Div 3 WF: Silver
Andrew Zheng - Y14 MF: Bronze
Lauren Kim: Y12 WF: top 8
WF team (Camille Pham, Grace Ding and Nicole Vaiani): Silver

International Medals
We would also like to congratulate Gabby Kokes for her 2nd place finish at the Youth Pan American Championships in Puerto Rico, Sebastian Tirado for his 3rd place finish at the Cadet Pan American Championships in Cancun, Mexico, Cameron Allen for his 2nd place finish at the Cadet Circuit event in Pisa, and Kelleigh Ryan for her 3rd place at Senior Pan Am Championships.

Ivy League and NCAA Champions
 Finally, congratulations to all of our fencers on the Harvard and Columbia teams who are once again co-Ivy League Champions. Columbia also defended their NCAA Championships title! Great work everyone!